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Keith Brown & Scout Troop 10: Feeding Stations

With extreme gratitude and appreciation, Stray Cat Project would like to thank Keith Brown and Yardley-based Scout Troop 10 for these absolutely perfect cat feeding stations that they recently built and donated for our feral colonies. 👏👏👏

We are simply in awe of the craftsmanship demonstrated in the building of these feeding stations. Careful planning and strict attention to detail resulted in two high-quality, attractive structures that are built to last. They are perfect for our purposes and for the harsh outdoor conditions that they will have to endure. Our colony managers are so very excited and grateful as well. 😍

Thanks again to Keith Brown and Scout Troop 10! We are grateful that he and his troop decided to take on this project and build these stations for us as they have been on our list for some time. Thank you for helping us to help our community cats! 🐈🐈🐈

Mark Small: cat food and supply collection

We are so very grateful to Eagle Scouts like Mark Small who, with his buddies, delivered a plethora of cat food, treats and supplies to us! 😻

Mark's service project was delayed from 2020 because of Covid restrictions but that only gave him more time to plan well and collect donations. He did a fantastic job and brought us new beds and toys for the adoptable cats, many bags and cases of various cat and kitten dry and wet food, treats, litter and other essential supplies. Thanks to his generosity, our adoptable cats went to their forever home with a fluffy new bed and a package of new toys which included various mice, balls, tunnels, wand toys, etc. Our foster homes as well as our colony caretakers received bags and cases of food for the cats and kittens they look after. Litter and toys were also shared with our foster homes.

Mark's efforts made quite an impact on the pet cat and community cats we served this fall. Thank you, Mark, for your generosity and trust in our mission. Stray Cat Project -- and all the kitties you helped -- are so very grateful!

Norah's D.: Community Cat Feeding Stations, PowerPoint and Food Donations

Norah D. is a 9th grader at Pennsbury High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and a member of Troop 21588. 👏

Norah earned her Silver Award by building five community cat feeding stations and collecting wet and dry cat food for our community cats! Norah also created a beautiful PowerPoint presentation on how to make the feeding stations which you can download from this page.

The feeding stations and food were immediately distributed to very appreciative colony caretakers. No doubt they will get many years use out of these quality-made structures!

Thank you, Norah, for choosing to help community cats for your service award and for choosing Stray Cat Project. We are so grateful for your support and all your hard work!

Olivia H.: Rice Socks, Video and Brochure

Olivia H. is a member of the Sandy Run Girl Scout Service Unit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 👏

For her Silver Service Award, Olivia created for us 200 rice socks in two different sizes as well as a how-to video and PDF brochure so others can create them as well. Her video and brochure were shared on our social media accounts. In addition, Olivia helped us create awareness of community cats and the concept of TNR (trap/neuter/return) by sending a mailer to nearly 200 households in a targeted area in our community.

Overwhelmed with such generosity, we shared the rice socks with rescues near and far. They were immediately put to use as within two weeks, we noticed a FB post from a rescue more than 2 hours away from us showing an ill tiny kitten with one of Olivia's rice socks. The rice socks are a valuable resource in caring for cats and kittens and keeping them warm and comfortable.

Stray Cat Project appreciates all of Olivia's efforts as well as those of her fellow scouts. As always, we thank all the scouts for their support!

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