Stray Cat Project is dedicated to improving and protecting the lives of feral and stray cats.  We strive to end the overpopulation of free-roaming  cats by trapping, spaying/neutering and returning these cats to their territory (TNR).   

Stray Cat Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.





It all started -- quite unintentionally -- on a snowy, bitterly cold day in January 2014 when a local resident posted on Facebook that two very small kittens were desperately scratching on her front door, begging to come in.  Unable to capture the kittens herself nor able to reach any rescues due to the holiday weekend, the homeowner asked whomever was available to come help these kittens.  The call was answered by a mother and her young son who, after a comical half hour of chasing the rascals in the snow, captured them and took them home.   Thanks to the power of social media, a handful of potential adopters were located and, with the help of the Bucks County SPCA, the kittens found their forever home where they continue to live happily ever after.

The scene repeated itself (minus the snow) a few months later when a litter of kittens and their mother were found living under a deck in the same neighborhood.  This called to our attention the plight of free-roaming cats in our area.  Without any programs to help curb the cat population, these stray cats are free to reproduce incessantly, adding to the growing cat population and impacting their quality of life as well as that of our residents.    It was then that a group of concerned citizens decided that they needed to do something and formed the Lower Makefield Stray Cat Project.  Since then, our reach has grown and our name has changed to Stray Cat Project.


It's not about being "a dog person" versus being "a cat person."  It's about having compassion for animals in need and caring enough to do something.

Our group is composed of students, retirees, parents, grandparents and professionals. Most of us have full-time jobs. We share a love for animals and are passionate about curbing the overpopulation of cats in our community for their benefit and for the benefit of the residents of Lower Bucks County.

The specific objectives and purposes of the Stray Cat Project are:

1. To trap, neuter and return feral cats in an effort to control the feral/community cat population.
2. To help adoptable cats find forever homes in cooperation with our rescue partners.
3. To educate and promote the importance of spaying/neutering animals.
4. To educate the public on the importance of feral/community cats in our ecosystem.
5. To educate the public on how to care for feral/community cats.
6. To promote and advance public education concerning responsible cat ownership.

Our first saves, Cleo and Jax




is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.  
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Stray Cat Project strives to curb the population of feral/stray cats in our community  through a method called trap/neuter/return (TNR). 

TNR is a process whereby cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered and then returned to their home territory.  TNR does not involve euthanization nor relocation of the cats unless their lives are in danger.  TNR is the most humane and effective way of controlling the community cat population. It improves the lives of cats, addresses community concerns, reduces complaints about cats, and stops the breeding cycle.  

Typically, a homeowner will call to inform us that he is concerned about a cat on his property that is not his.  Stray Cat Project will set trap(s) on the property to catch the cat(s), transport them to a veterinarian for spay or neuter surgery, administer a rabies vaccination and perform an ear tip (the universally accepted method to identify a spayed/neutered and vaccinated community cat). Once the cat is ready to be released, the volunteer will return the cat to the area where it was found.

Stray Cat Project is able to provide these services due to the generosity of our volunteers and supporters.  There is no fee for our services but we very much appreciate a contribution in any amount to help defray our costs.  All contributions to Stray Cat Project are tax-deductible.

Stray Cat Project does not maintain an animal shelter and is not a full-service rescue group in the traditional sense.  Whereas our focus is TNR, we rarely have animals available for adoption.  

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Stray Cat Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,  EIN #81-1090456.